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Termodinamica is a young business with a team of professionals who have been working hard and investing for almost twenty years in order to complete large-scale projects in the professional air conditioning world.

Quality and technology are the company's distinguishing features, and guarantee the excellence of its products and systems. The company is organised into four departments: mechanics, electronics, refrigeration and specialist technical assistance.

Working synergically, the departments cover a surface area of more than 2,000 m2 in the province of Piacenza, and are all run by highly qualified staff specialising in craft-industry processing. The result is the closest attention to the finished product, right down to the finest detail.

Termodinamica provides its services for marine air conditioning and HVAC for yacht and vessel, the design and installation of air conditioning and industrial ventilation systems, and the production of air conduits and special refrigerators for hospitals and medical use.

Termodinamica works habitually in the international market, and its partners speak fluent Russian, English and Spanish. With state-of-the-art components, its systems offer the greatest expression of comfort, energy efficiency and reliability, and every system is guaranteed for 5 years.



The Inverter is a refrigeration compressor with extraordinary qualities, it is Termodinamica's strongest player: the company owns the relative worldwide patent. The compressor runs at variable speed, pumping refrigerant. According to the gas flow pumped onto the fan-coil of a given cabin, temperatures can be set between -10 and 18°C in cooling and 10 to 65°C in heating mode. This offers the ideal working climate, allowing users to feel the temperature they actually want. With very low or very high limit temperatures, the cabins can be cooled or heated instantly (3-5 minutes).

A conventional 1 kW on/off compressor has starting peaks of 6-7 Kw, which is why work sites have to oversize the electrical installations and generators, with increased costs and weight on the yacht. Whatever the power, Termodinamica inverter systems are fitted with “soft start”, with no current absorption peaks: they are engaged with 20% of the total power output, and accelerate delicately on the digital ramp. For example, a 35 m yacht requires only 8kW, compared to the 35kW of a chiller! Another incredible advantage concerns the weight of the machinery: the results of an in-depth "slimming" process, these machines are featherweight. For example, the engine unit on a 35 m yacht weighs just 70 kg, compared to the 500 kg of a chiller!

Infrared Sensor

The system is fitted with an infrared sensor in every room on board the yacht. When the cabins are empty, the system enables a low-consumption operating mode to maintain a constant temperature. As soon as someone enters the room, the system automatically returns to normal operation. But that's not all, because the sensors are fitted with an intelligent eye that reports the temperature of the people in the cabin to the system: if they are sweating in the gym, reading a book, or sleeping, the system recognises the changes in body temperature and automatically adjusts the conditioning accordingly.

Electronic Compressor Speed Management

The Termodinamica direct expansion system, where the refrigerant gas circulates directly in the fan-coil, has a very short response time and takes the fan-coil to the required temperature in 30 to 60 seconds.

In the “chiller” systems on the market, the refrigerant passes through an exchanger plate where the water is cooled to 12°C, and it takes 5' to make it circulate at the required temperature over a 13 metre yacht, and up to 30' for a 35 metre yacht. Moreover, the water in the fan-coils is always at 12°C, so the air is sent out of the outlets at the same temperature. The on/off thermostat and the various fan speeds allow users to feel the desired temperature, but in fact this effect is created merely by adjusting the flow of air at 12°C: it's rather like asking for a refrigerator and getting a fan!

Inverter systems on the other hand reach the required temperature very quickly, from a starting temperature of -10°C on the fan-coil and, as the ambient temperature cools, the system increases the temperature of the gas in the fan-coil up to the maintenance point; the air will be sent out of the outlets at the exact temperature set by the user, and not merely at a perceived temperature.

Electronic Expansion Valves

Electronic expansion valves, with their extreme precision due to their 500 control steps, are indispensable for temperature control and offer the best performance on board ships with at least 15 cabins. Conventional chillers use water at 12°C in all rooms, while the Termodinamica inverter system supplies air at the required temperature by independently adjusting the gas flow to each fan coil: the temperature can therefore be set in each cabin, one at 18°C, one at 20°C, another at 25°C, and so on, to satisfy the individual needs of all the guests. The system can also be fitted with heat recovery technology, which allows one cabin to be cooled and another heated at the same time, using the same motor unit.

Touch-Screen Control

Termodinamica supplies state-of-the-art, hi-tech controls that enhance the appearance of the yacht and at the same time make the system easy to use, even when accessing the advanced settings.

With the controlled motor speed, it is possible to run the whole system on just the battery for up to 5 hours. This is due to the effectiveness of all the electrical components and the exclusive Termodinamica "Power Manager" software, with a touch-screen interface, which allows the user to decide on and set the power absorbed by the system from the batteries, thus optimising resources to maintain the cabins at different set temperatures.

The cabin lighting can also be controlled from the touch-screen, fitted with a digital dimmer.



Special aero Aluminum frame painted in epoxy resin. High mechanical strength with advantage of a featherweight. Frame of a 70-foot yacht weighs only 800 grams! Box is sealed with panels made of steel sheet sandwich with a sound-absorbing and heat-resistant material. At 1 meter away from engine is difficult understand if it is switched on or off even with power compressors . Temperature of engine room will not affect group performance.

Fan Coil

Fan coil Maxi
Exclusive and very powerful. Thanks to particular radiant battery built with U-shape and with a fan that reach 1300 cmh generates a thermal power of 7kW - 28.000btu. Weight: 7kg. Size: 450Wx350Dx300H

Fan coil Slim
This is smaller marine fan coil than entire market. But thanks to Termodinamica’s research is also most powerfull with 3.5 kw - 15000btu with 650 cmh fan. Until medium speed fan is very quiet with 20dB noise, ensuring pleasant dreams to most demanding owners. Stainless steel AISI316 frame. Weight: 4,5kg. Size: 300Wx200Dx300H


A Termodinamica’s plant is quick and easy to install.

Electrical Wiring: Motor box has two connection pin labeled A and B. These are digital RS485 communication line where will be connected in series all yacht’s fan coil. Only two wires for wiring whole boat! Last step is connect 24V power supply or 220Volt 50/60Hz to each fan coil.

Cooling line: Termodinamica provides connection between engine and fan coil with highly resistant thermoplastic hoses and much more flexible than normal water hoses because a cross section of 1/4" and 1/2" (6-12mm). Connections is made by stainless stell plugs with quick coupling and guaranted sealed. It could mount quickly without use of specialized staff. Cooling line can be set to star, with engine at the center, collector with N outputs and branch to fan coil or start with two hoses from engine box and branched distribution along hull.


Performance detected on various yachts types:

Termodinamica Altri Produttori
Yacht lenght Weight Power Weight Power
15 mt 40kg 1,5kw 130kg 5kw
20 mt 70kg 4,0kw 350kg 12kw
35 mt 100kg 7kw 600kg 30kw
45 mt 170kg 12kw 1 ton 50kw
65 mt 300kg 32kw 2 ton 96kw

All systems are designed to ensure cabins cooling or heating in 5 minutes.

Download brochure for more technic details.


Connectivity: Termodinamica’s system can be interfaced to other companies systems based on RS485 data bus operating with Modbus or Canbus. In addition to 4,3” touch screen proposed as cabins control temperature are also available panels with same style 7" and 12" for use as centralized controls for lighting management, air conditioning and services for yacht public areas.

Hot water: we build on order heat pump boiler with electronic control capable to reducing power consumption by 6 times compared to resistance boiler. We also supply water treatment systems for pools and spas that help water heating when diesel engines are turned off for a long time. Electronic dialogue with these devices is capable of handling non-simultaneous operation allowing maximum power absorption reduction from generators for benefit of global yacht efficiency.

Controls: Electronic Engineering division develops systems and electronic PCB from specific yard’s request able to control and manage every part of the yacht such: batteries, inverters, temperature, actuators, pumps, fans, etc.. Development and delivery is very fast.

LED lighting: In collaboration with one of most important Italian shipyards we have developed innovative LED spotlights and digital dimmers controlled by touch screen that we invite you discover with data sheets download.


Termodinamica makes available to its customers a widespread assistance network across the world, and in regions with a high density of nautical tourism like Italy, has a Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) every 50 km along the coast. To meet specific needs of shipyards and dealers, it is also possible to upgrade the services offered in a given area. Thanks to a strategic partnership with an important Japanese multinational which has been working in professional air-conditioning since 1920, Termodinamica has a vast TAC network, manned by highly qualified staff who are specifically trained in installations and repairs.

Speed, competence, courtesy and professionalism: these are just some of the qualities of our technicians, who will fully satisfy even the most demanding shipowners. To guarantee an increasingly efficient assistance and maintenance network, Termodinamica is continuously looking for TACs that satisfy its high quality standards.

For assistance call +39 338 6594910 or +39 0523 1656261, 24 hours a day, and we will put you in touch with the TAC closest to you.


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